Subdomain saying web server is down

I’ve just created a sub domain for access to my site for a client who is New Zealand based.
My usual site runs on a server in London, and I have many subdomains that can access it absolutely fine. (1 per client)
Each subdomain is added manually in the DNS.
For this client though i’ve created a new server based in Singapore (closest I could spin up for the time being), and i’ve created a specific new DNS entry that points at that server.
But for some reason Cloudflare says this server is not available.
even though I can access it via an alternate domain alias.

The hosting company don’t think it’s anything in there end, it seems to be something to do with Cloudflare as far as we can work out, just not sure what.

The alias address doesn’t work on HTTPS either

No the redtangle link is just an alias on the server, the SSL isn’t setup for that domain.
That was more just to test the app actually exists.
The error seems to be “Error 521”
But on my server I set it to allow all traffic on ports 80 and 443.

I’ve got to the bottom of it, seems although my certificate had been added to my server, it hadn’t actually been activated. So not a problem with cloudflare, we’re all good :slight_smile:

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