Subdomain resolves the wrong server when a path is entered

Hello, Im not smart enough to google this one.

I have a domain that delivers a google site (weird I know, but people like the google site) and a subdomain, that should resolve to a CyberPanel host delivering a Wordpress page.

The part I don’t understand is when I go to the /wp-admin page I get a 404 delivered from my google site. Is this an issue with me trying to keep the google site and it getting redirected?

I have an A record for the dev subdomain and copied the records over from google DNS. Hoping I can learn something from this.

We’re here to help :slight_smile:

May I ask if your domain is using the assigned Cloudflare nameservers to your CF account? :thinking:

Furthermore, may I ask if the specified DNS record is pointed to the correct IP address of the origin host/server which you’re expecting to respond?

In past, do you remember if you have used some other 3rd-party service which hosted something on that particular sub-domain, which could result in such case as you’re describing? :thinking:

Could point to your old hosting IP, which is why you’re experiencing this kind of event and issue.

You should double-check the DNS records at DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your CF account and change it to the correct one, if so, if you’ve changed your hosting provider or service.

I’d suggest you the below post for the start of the troubleshooting:

Thanks for the reply!

Confirmed that I am using CF nameservers in my registrar (google). Always worth to check the obvious stuff :slight_smile: . I always hope its the easy fixes lol.

Good point, I double checked that the dev. A record is pointed to the IP of my VPS. To add to this, I know this A record works because it actually resolves to the webpage that I set up my VPS. If I go to, it works, only when I go to do I experience a 404 delivered from another server (google site server). I also tried turning off CF proxy for that record with no luck.

This is an interesting thought but no. A while ago I was using my own nameserver with no dev. for this domain. I switched to CF to learn the app suite here. I looked through the records that were migrated over to CF and there are none that look like they could be causing this, but I also don’t know some of the finer details about AAAA and CNAME records beyond the surface level function. Unsure if they would cause a redirect only when a URL path is entered. Maybe that is worth a try?

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