Subdomain refuses to forward no matter what I do!

I have been attempting to set up a forwarding URL for I followed all documentation, I have set up the correct forwarding steps with our registrar (dotster), but nothing works. It all points to a Cloudflare error. I used the Cloudflare documentation at to set up forwarding rules in Cloudflare as well, but no luck. I have been on multiple support calls with our community host (vanilla forums), and our registrar, but no one can figure this out!

Can you help? I am trying to forward the subdomain to

It would appear there are no DNS records for as dig returns nothing and curl cannot resolve the host

% curl
curl: (6) Could not resolve host:

I see records for though.

Can you share the setup you have for

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I hate to sound like a newb. originally directed to our community on Vanilla Forums, which allowed us to set up a custom domain instead of using their URL, which would be something like (

I followed their instructions and deleted the custom domain ( and re-registered the new one ( to avoid brand safety issues we were having with UGC in the community.

Once I did that, i thought it would be simple to create a new forwarding rule in our registrar. I did that, but had to contact support who sent me this message: “The subdomain you are attempting to forward is on Cloudflare. CName on the DNS.”

I contacted Vanilla again, and hopped on a call with them. We went into Cloudflare, and created a bulk URL re-direct (but it was switched to inactive and I can’t turn it back on. Screenshot attached. I also just made a re-direct rule myself (but I can only upload one to this thread since I am a new user here).

I am confused as to why I can’t just forward the subdomain and have to go through all of this, lol.

The URL in the screenshot is

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SMH. Ok I fixed that, but I don’t think that’s the issue, even though its an obvious mistake that I just made.

Have you added a DNS records for the community subdomain?


Ok, we did everything Cloudflare suggested, and additionally, we set up redirect rules. It still will not resolve, and the bulk redirect rule will not come on, it says “inactive.” screenshots are attached. The article says to use, and Cloudflare suggested we use We created A records for both of these for the subdomain, but neither seems to be working.

Just to be clear, you seem to be using the wrong terminology here. Bulk redirects are static redirects based on a list. What you have set, as shown in the screenshot, is a single dynamic redirect, which is not based on a list, but on the criteria you defined (URI Full equals...).

Bulk Redirects (beta) · Cloudflare Rules docs

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The reason why your Redirect Rule is not working is that the condition will never match:

Besides the typo already pointed by @anon9246926, you need to add a trailing slash for that logic to work, as the URL never gets to the server without it. You may not see it in your browser, but it adds a trailing slash before sending to Cloudflare/origin.

So when using URI Full representing the homepage URL, the URI Full field will always contain the / at the end of the URL:

URI Full equals  << this will work
URI Full equals   << this won't

Also, your redirect will not carry any path or query string to the destination, and instead would redirect any request to the homepage of the destination domain. Even if you do not want to pass any given path or query string, you should create a logic that considers those elements, as user may input them. That’s why I think a better logic for a full redirect would be based on the Hostname field instead of trying to match URI Full.

Examples 3 or 4 may be helpful:

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