Subdomain refused to connect

I have just started managing a domain through cloudflare. This domain hosts a subdomain that is not currently working. I am trying to figure out exactly what the issue is. When I try to visit the subdomain using any web browser, I am unable to connect and I am given an error code, "This site can’t be reached, ‘subdomain.domain’ refused to connect. I am not sure what could be causing this error. The domain itself is working properly.

What is the domain and subdomain?

The domain is and the subdomain that I am experiencing issues with is isn’t proxied so traffic is going direct to the server and not through Cloudflare…

The server for it is refusing connections for me so you’ll need to check there…

telnet 80
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

telnet 443
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused
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Thank you. The server is running on a VM through DigitalOcean. I have already submitted a ticket with them. It seems like it’s likely an issue through them and not Cloudflare as the subdomain isn’t proxied. Just wanted to cover all my bases and make sure that I don’t have something misconfigured here.

To give a bit more information, I am able to ping the server and ping from the server to and However, I can’t access the subdomain from a web browser. I was inclined to believe that if connectivity isn’t the issue, then it could be something with the dns records.

What service is running on your VPS and configured to serve content for that hostname? Do you have any Digital Ocean or host firewalls enabled between your VPS and the internet? If so, have you opened up the ports you need?

While their support tends to be good, Digital Ocean, like Cloudflare, is typically a self-service platform. This will limit what they can assist with, as well as how they can assist.

I would start by ensuring your web application is running on your server and that no host or Cloud firewalls are blocking the connection.

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