Subdomain Redirecting Issue


I am attempting to setup my configuration so that (for example) and point to two separate IP addresses. I have added as a non-proxied A record, and confirmed that on the dashboard it lists the correct IP address. However, when I attempt to access I am redirected to

Any advice on how to fix this?



Thank you for asking.

Might be cPanel is doing some redirection, or the origin host/web server has some malformed virtual host file? :thinking:

And the is existing as a “sub-domain” and has got it’s own virtualhost at your origin host/web hosting/server?

Was that sub-domain used for some kind of mobile redirection setup early?

Have you checked the HTTP headers? Which kind of HTTP redirection are we talking about? 301 or 302, or some other?

Nevertheless, you I guess are not using Cloudflare Workers nor have some Page Rules active?

May I ask, does this happen too in some other Web browser, Private Window (Incognito mode) or on a mobile phone, or different network provider (mobile cellular) or like via VPN?

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Thanks for your comprehensive response!
I was working through the troubleshooting steps you suggested when it suddenly started working. I am not entirely clear what caused this as I did not change anything, although I suspect the system may have just needed the few hours I waited to apply the changes.

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