Subdomain redirect to URL

Not sure what I’m missing or why I’m so confused with the setup.

We were running an app on a subdomain. We’ve decided to stop using it. I want to make sure all traffic that hits a specific subdomain gets redirected to a wholly different website URL.

Our site is hosted on shopify and that’s where our ssl cert is issued for the root domain and I can’t exactly claim my subdomain there or really do much from the server side for the redirect. I think I’m stuck trying to do this through DNS, but I’m not sure what records to have or whether I should setup the bulk redirects or pages for something so small. I’ve tried setting them up and I can’t seem to get anything that works. Confused whether I need A records for the subdomain or what the setup needs to be. Thanks for any help.

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We have a similar issue. Will be watching this post for a resolution.

Add subdomain to DNS records, add any IP, for example put shopify IP there, and then proxy the record. Now you can redirect that subdomain to any URL using the page rules.

I currently have a proxied A record for the subdomain at 192.0 .2.1 . If I try to put in the shopify IP, it says I cannot proxy that record. It still does not work. Not sure if it’s the record or the page rules that are the problem b/c neither seem to work the way they’re advertised for this situation for some reason that is beyond me.

You can’t use Cloudflare’s features on the same (sub)domain that your Shopify site is on.

If you’re adding Page Rules to a subdomain that isn’t on Shopify then that would be an issue.

I wondered about that. Is there any work around?