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good day,
i’ve website hosted on windows server built on IIS. and installed SSL on it, also it’s proxied, i added a subdomain in the server when i made it proxy by cloud flare it doesn’t work when i disabled this feature it works normally, so how can i fix this issue?

my domain is and need this subdomain to work normally

The main site works, but the subdomain shows a Port 80 message, even though it’s an HTTPS connections. Something is very wrong with your configuration. I suggest you toggle the ‘factory’ DNS entry to :grey: DNS Only (click on the :orange: to change it), then wait five minutes to take effect. Fix the site so it works properly with HTTPS. Only then should you toggle it back to :orange: Proxied.

it should show page with port 81, it’s temp page i created.
i just when i click on proxied it gave me thos page wit port 80 and this is the false page when i make it dns only it comes true with page 81

is there any update:
when i disable proxied from cloudflare it gave me the correct page with port 81
when i enable proxied from cloudflare it gave me the default page with port 80 and this wrong

Cloudflare doesn’t proxy Port 81. And, as I said, if you’re Port 80 (or 81) and the browser shows HTTPS, something is wrong.

as i mentiond above even using the ssl it works normally without cloudfalre , just need to understand this point

Over Port 443? Is your TLS/SSL mode set to Full (Strict)?


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