Subdomain Redirect for Shopify

Hello All,

Im configuring my shopify with my website’s subdomain currently.

What I did?

  1. I have added CNAME records for “” and “shop” and pointed them to shopify.
  2. Created a page rule for 301 redirect to redirect to
  3. In shopify I have added the subdomain “” to my shop


  1. Shopify is accessible via
  2. However, htttps:// doesnt seem to work.

So I was trying to setup a redirect in cloudflare and it doesnt seems to work.

Could someone please guide me.


Once you have a shop at Shopify, they control all your Cloudflare settings for that domain or subdomain.

Have you asked them if this is possible?

My opinion is that you’d be better off not using ‘www’ in front of a subdomain.

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Also, I notice you have put 3 t’s in htttps:// and I assume that is just a typo and that isn’t in your rule etc…


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