Subdomain record configuration

Hi, i have a domain "" in godaddy, DNS records are pointed to cloudflare and created a subdomain “” in godaddy, now i am in a confused state to how to configure subdomain records in cloudflare. some suggested to create as a A record and some suggested as CNAME record. I need help …

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Hi @edumetrixelearnings,

If you configured this on the same server as your main domain, you most likely want the same record content, just with the name of the subdomain api.

An A record pointing to your server IP is most common, but you can also use a CNAME to another hostname with the same IP if you want, this makes it easier if you need to update the IP later, as you only need to do it once, if the other records are CNAMEs.

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Means i need to set subdomain as CNAME ?

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You can either

  1. Add an A record for the subdomain pointing to your server IP.


  1. Add a CNAME record for the subdomain pointing to a hostname on the same server.

It’s entirely up to you what you choose to do.

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Thank you… now i got clearly

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I am not able to resolve this issue …pls any one help me to solve this. my subdomain is not pointing to main domain IP .

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It looks like it’s trying to connect to Port 9000. Cloudflare only proxies a limited set of ports for HTTP/S. If you can’t change the port, then you’ll have to set that DNS entry to DNS-Only (:grey:).

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@sdayman pls help me to resolve this issue , its been more than a week i am facing this. trying all the community links n reading all ur tutorials

any body knows solution pls reply

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