Subdomain Publish to Another Domain Subdomain while using Load Balancer


I need to direct my subdomain which already serves through cloudflare to some other domain’s subdomain. For example; foo[dot]com receives service from cloudflare but doesn’t and I try to publish[dot]com from If I weren’t using cloudflare, I could have done this via A-record directing but I don’t know how to do that now.
Could you please help me out about this issue?
Many thanks.


You could still point your “b” host to the IP address of “a”. Only thing is, the destination server will get your foo domain in the host header, but the same would happen in the case you mentioned.


Thank you for reply, but i don’t know still how i can do now.
If i add A record to[dot]com(so i use original ip address), then CloudFlare comes out from there.
What should I do to[dot]com and[dot]com to use over CloudFlare?

(I tried add A record to[dot]com via Cloudflare IP, i got an error 10001)


Cloudflare IP?

You simply add an A record and specify the IP address of “a”, however keep in mind this will - as already mentioned - send the b host in the host header.


Sorry I forgot to write that I got a Load Balance service on Cloudflare. So my server ip masked by Cloudflare, Cloudflare ip mean load balancer ip.

Thank you for reply


So “bar” is behind Cloudflare as well? That wouldnt work in that case. Cant you point “b” to the actual IP address of the original host?


Bar is not mine, bar owner’s don’t use Cloudflare.
I will redirect to the original ip address as you said last resort. I just wonder if there is a way through this Cloudflare.

Thank You


So why would you enter a Cloudflare IP then? Simply create an A record and add the IP in question. Done.


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