Subdomain protection


I run the cloudflare free plan.

I need to secure a subdomain (e.g. against ddos attacks).

Is this subdomain protection available in the free plan or do I need to upgrade to a pro account?

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Free plan protection will cover any :orange: DNS entry in your zone, so this would include Subdomains as well.


thanks for your quick answers.

Ok understood.

I host some simple html / css / js files on firebase hosting. I proxy my main domain ( this works all fine. But as soon as I tried to proxy a sublevel domain ( I got strange SSL erros.

Then I found this article where the following is written:
Subdomain Support is only available to Enterprise customers and is enabled by default.

After your feedback now, I proxied the subdomains again and the errors are gone. I don’t understand why, but all seems to work fine for now!

Thanks for your support here! I will take a look on this and in case of problems reach out again to this great community again!

Big thanks again!

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Enterprise plans can proxy standalone subdomains if the main domain isn’t on Cloudflare. But your domain is on Cloudflare, so it’s easy to do.

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That article refers to a particular setup where you want to split a domain into multiple accounts for administrative control. For example, you might want a separate team or external company to manage, but not have that team have access to or control over any settings for any other hostname under Subdomain Support enables you to add as a separate site in your account, and manage permissions to it independently.

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