Subdomain problems (A and CNAME records)

I am making a landing page on Wix. I want to create a subdomain that will point to that landing page. Wix Gives me both a CNAME and an A record. When I add them to Cloudflare both I get an error. See attached

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You can add a CNAME or an A record for a specific hostname but not both.

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Any advantage of using one over the other?

If your server IP ever changes, you would have to change the A record while the CNAME would continue working.

Not really much of a difference otherwise.


And by server IP you mean where the main domain is? And not the server I am pointing to? Right?

If the IP in your A record changes, you would have to manually change the A record, while the CNAME should automatically point to the new IP (that’s your hosts responsibility).

In the end, it’s really not going to matter whether you use an A or CNAME record.

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