SubDomain problem in cloudflare

I have created a subdomain on my Cpanel. Then added an “A” DNS in my Cloudflare account. But when I visit my subdomain, it’s show


Not Found

The resource requested could not be found on this server!

So what should I do right now? Thanks

404 errors come from the server. The best approach would be to set that subdomain to :grey: DNS-Only (wait 5 minutes to take effect) and make sure it works with HTTPS. Sometimes servers return a 404 when Cloudflare tries connecting using HTTPS and the server isn’t configured for HTTPS.

Please see. I have added the DNS. But it’s still not working.

The main domain is :
And sub domain is :

The good news is that the main site looks good.

The bad news is that 404 is coming straight from your server:

I am contacted with my hosting provider. then they gave me an IP. after replace that IP in Cloudflare, when I visit my subdomain it will go to another website.

Please tell me what should I do right now.

Keep bugging your host. Cloudflare isn’t involved, other than for the DNS record update you just did.

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