Subdomain problem (Error)


Hello everyone, since I’m on Cloudflare (dns), my subdomains do not work while my main site is displayed very well … it puts me: Can not connect to the server to the address … I have to wait?


You might have to wait but if you want a concrete response you need to post the actual hostname in question.


The hostname in question is already hosted and working correctly :slight_smile:


Sorry, typo. Post, not host.


So I have to wait?


No, you should post the actual hostname. I presume it is not “secret.secret”, right.

#7 and


status is configured and should resolve. boutique however is not and you still need to add the record.


So I need to wait status it is available? But for boutique I have to do what?



I added but it still does not work, look:


Now it is there.

It might take some while until it has propagated to your local resolver. Wait a couple of hours.

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Ok thank you! Same for


If it still doesnt work for you, yes.


Thank you very much :slight_smile:


Oh and I have a question, is it possible to evaluate the ping of the anti-ddos? (If so, I must put what in


I am not sure what that is supposed to mean. Can you rephrase that?


Evaluate cloudFlare response time


I’d really wait until your DNS has cleared. Otherwise you’d need to tamper with your hosts file.