Subdomain Problem Cause By Redirecting

I have added a subdomain to my site through GoDaddy, that for some reason is not being directed to the proper location causing the GoDaddy default " Future home of something quite cool." page to show. I have confirmed an index.html file is in the root directory for the said subdomain.

The server side is set up properly as confirm by a GoDaddy support staff, however, we cannot find out why it’s not being directed properly through Cloudflare.

I have set up a CNAME record pointing with the subdomain name and my web host IP address. I even tried previously instead of IP address to use my domain name still with no prevail. If I had to guess its something with my HTTPS redirects from cloud flare but I’m entirely unsure of where to go from my basic troubleshooting.

Hi @holder237,

This is most common when you don’t have working SSL on your site. Was it working with HTTPS before you added Cloudflare?

If not, you should pause Cloudflare, get HTTPS working at GoDaddy and then re-enable it. You can pause Cloudflare from the Overview tab of the Cloudflare Dashboard, bottom right under Advanced Actions.

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