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I am trying to have a subdomain I just created in Cloudflare point to How do I do this through DNS records?

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Do you want this is as a forwarder so visitors are redirected? Or do you want upviral to show up as your subdomain?

Good question. Here is what UpViral’s support team communicated to me:

The referral custom domain ( must point to So you will have to create a new sub domain like and add CNAME for this pointing to

A knowledge article at UpViral says the following:

In the ‘Name/Alias’ field of this section, type the name of your chosen subdomain. For example, if you picked as your custom domain, enter lander here. Or, if you’re using a root domain such as then you will enter www here. In the ‘CNAME/Value’ type the domain ‘’ where this CNAME points to.

I tried the above putting ‘upviral’ in the Name section and ‘’ in the Value section. A 81053 code stating the CNAME already exists showed up.

It seems like this would be a forwarder so visitors are redirected. What do you think? I would need a little help to know how to move forward.

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That sounds right. A DNS lookup already shows that you have an ‘upviral’ subdomain set up.

So you already have an ‘upviral’ entry in your DNS screen. I don’t know what it points to, but it’s set to :orange:.

EDIT: I just checked and it’s pointing to a Heroku page.

Thank you for your response. The upviral entry is a CNAME that creates a subdomain “” that points to the Kajabi platform which hosts my website. So when I try to implement this on the UpViral side the referral link that is created brings up a 404 page cannot be found message. The UpViral team recommended I reach out to you to see how to point to So it sounds like I need another DNS record or CNAME entry that would do this. Could you help me with that? Many thanks!

The referral link UpViral created is: which gives me the 404 message due to not pointing to


I posted a couple replies clarifying the problem I am having and a question as to what the solution would be. These posts may have been at the end of the day for you yesterday. I was wondering if I could get some guidance still as this hasn’t been solved.

Thank you, I greatly appreciate your time as I can’t move forward in launching my online business until this gets resolved.


Your upviral subdomain now redirects to the app.upviral website and presents a login screen.

That 404 is a page on your main site that doesn’t exist. I’m not sure why they want a referral link on your main site. Shouldn’t that referral link be on your upviral subdomain? If I type this in, I get a signup screen:


That is really interesting. It appears that UpViral doesn’t accept as a custom domain (subdomain) because in their system the CNAME isn’t created correctly to point to That is why it is defaulting to… as the domain and referral link. I’ll attach 3 screen shots that show what results and what UpViral settings says about the CNAME not pointing correctly. The one screenshot shows the Optin page after I opted in which turns to their Share Widget. That is how people are encouraged to share the unique link with friends (referral marketing).

I noticed that when I put in the URL: I get redirected to the Rainmaker Platform. It seems this subdomain is pointing to Rainmaker which was the hosting platform I was using before Kajabi. I forget what I needed to do as I transitioned with Kajabi from Rainmaker and how that impacted DNS Records in Cloudflare for I also attached the results of this URL lookup.

Do you think there is something going on with my DNS Records pointing to Rainmaker?

My A Records in Cloudflare point to Rainmaker as well: and Are these A records needed?

I am wondering if this is the reason why UpViral doesn’t recognize the CNAME for subdomain…

Thank you for helping me sort this out!

Here is a result from stating that the DNS Record for is not found…

It looks like things are improving. Now when I go to your upviral subdomain, it forwards me to the referral page at your main site.

That is movement forward. Did you change any of the DNS Records regarding pointing to Rainmaker Platform?

What do you think about what is happening with Rainmaker in my DNS Records?

So in UpViral I still get the same error stating the CNAME for is not created correctly and the referral link is still to… ( And Mxtoolbox still says that the DNS Record is not found.

I can’t do anything to your DNS records. I don’t work for Cloudflare.

As for that CNAME error, it could be that they don’t want your upviral CNAME set to :orange:. Set it to :grey: and maybe that will make them happy once they see the lookup point to an alias instead of an IP address.

That did it! UpViral was able to verify the CNAME Record as well as MXToolbox. Then, I found a setting that finished the process so the referral link is

I can launch my course now using UpViral as a referral marketing source to accelerate free traffic.

Thank you! I really appreciate your time and assistance. Very grateful!!

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