Subdomain Pointing Back to Primary Domain

I have setup 2 new subdomains & both are pointing back to the primary domain. I cannot access the wp-admin on either of them because when I do, the URL points back to the primary. This issue happens every time I create a new subdomain. I have ensured that I added the A Record is proxied, has the correct IP address & directory. I do have several other subdomains that are working correctly. Any ideas of how to fix this & prevent this from happening on further subdomain additions?


Thank you for asking.

May I ask if you used some hosting provider like WPEngine, Kinsta, eZoic, Clickfunnels, which could integrate your domain name or a sub-domain as a SaaS? :thinking:

What happens when you temporary unproxy and set it to :grey: (DNS-only)?

Are you using some Page Rules?

Hello Fritex,
Thank you for the reply. I just tried your suggestion & unproxied & set to DNS only. This did allow me to assess the wp-admin, however it is still showing a redirect to the subdomain & it’s not https anymore (this could be due to the URL within the Database of the subdomain website. I did change that back to http just to try the results). Meaning is redirecting to Very weird. I haven’t setup any page rules. All I did (as I usually do) was, created a new subdomain within Bluehost, added a new WP website with “abc” as the directory, signed into Cloudflare & added the new “abc” directory (proxied). This use to work perfectly fine. It’s been within the last year that subdomains have been giving me problems.

As a follow up, I have just checked the rules & I have none in place. I did see that Normalize incoming URLs is ON & that Normalize URLs to origin is OFF. I’m not sure if this makes any difference to this issue or not.

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