Subdomain OVH and CloudFlare DNS server : Problem


I have some websites on OVH (VPS), I use CloudFlare DNS servers. The problem is that any subdomain is not recognized by CloudFlare and the redirection is not working. When I set up back the default OVH NS everything is ok. What s wrong please?

What do you mean it isn’t recognized by Cloudflare? Could you share your DNS setup on Cloudflare? (feel free to censor part of the server IP)

I mean OVH isn’t identifying the subdomain from CloudFlareSubdomain name is « »

A subdomain needs to exist on Cloudflare DNS as well as your server.

I see that ‘test’ is DNS Only, and not working, so it appears it’s not set up at your server.

That’s still a DNS listing. It’s still not a Cloudflare issue. It wasn’t working when it was DNS Only, so it’s certainly not going to work now. Set it back to :grey: DNS Only and work with your host to get the site up and running, including HTTPS.