Subdomain over HTTPS goes to someone else's site!

I have a subdomain set up which points to a different IP than my main site.
I have Full SSL active in Cloudflare with ‘Always use HTTPS’ enabled.
When I attempt to visit the subdomain it resolves to someone else’s site.
When I turn off ‘Always use HTTPS’ it correctly resolves to my subdomain site.

Before moving to Cloudflare managed DNS this was working fine.

How is this possible and how might I fix it?
Is it at Cloudflare’s end or my web host’s?

Probably your web host. Does that web host have an SSL certificate set for your subdomain? I bet it doesn’t.

Thanks for your reply sdayman. I wouldn’t think there is SSL there. But why would there need to be if I’m running through Cloudflare fro SSL?

Because you have SSL set to Full here. That means your server also has to be running SSL.

You can create a Page Rule to fix this:
Setting: SSL Mode (Flexible)

EDIT (so @sandro doesn’t have an aneurysm): It would be nice if that other host could issue an SSL certificate for your subdomain so you can keep using Full SSL for full end-to-end encryption.

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Excellent. That did the trick. Thank you so much!

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I dont know why you are doing this to me :laughing:

And no, a fineprint (thank God, Discourse does not allow tampering with font sizes) disclaimer does not count as indemnification. :wink:

Point proven, the OP eagerly switched to Fl, Fle - nah, cant pronounce it - and will happily stay there for all eternity until the day the entire world runs on IPv6. :cold_sweat:

In all seriousness though, @adamW, that trick did solve the issue but your site is not secure anymore as data is now transferred in plain text.


Just so you know I do agree it’s best to do it right: Full SSL.

If hosts would proactively add SSL to hosted sites, it would be a better world. Customers should be more demanding of their hosts for Free SSL…or move on to someone who does offer it.


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