Subdomain or path pointing to an amplify project

Hi Everyone, I tried looking for an answer but could not find anything similar apologies if I missed it . I am also pretty new working with DNS so I’m a bit lost.

The company I am working for, has a WooCommerce site that is being hosted with Wp-Engine, and I was tasked with building a extension in React that is being hosted on AWS Amplify.

Now Ideally the company would like to point to the Amplify project maintaining the url the same… But I think that is not possible?

I noticed that I can do a subdomain like, what kind of record do I need and do I put in the subdomain that amplify gives me or something else? And would this keep the url as

Thank you for your help really appreciated it


If memory serves me correctly, after adding the subdomain to the Amplify project, you are given a few configuration options. One is when using external DNS in which case you would create a CNAME record with the provided value.

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