Subdomain only?


I work for a university and we’re piloting OpenShift on Azure. I’d like all the published applications to be under Cloudflare. However, when I go to add a domain to Cloudflare, the setup process seems to want to scan the whole domain, and not just the sub-sub-domain. e.g. Is there a better to do this?



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Cloudflare replaces your domain’s DNS. If your school already has their own DNS, then you won’t be able to add just a subdomain to Cloudflare.

Darn. So I can’t subordinate a subdomain with Cloudflare, it’s just all or nothing?

Yes, DNS is generally all or nothing. You need control over the parent domain’s DNS to use Cloudflare.

So if I asked them to put the name servers for a subdomain at Cloudflare, that wouldn’t work?

Generally, no. It’s possible, but highly unlikely the university would (or even be able to) do it.

Why can’t you host it under a separate domain?

I just added my domain ( to Cloudflare but now my sub domain ( doesnt work. webpage is missing. What do i need to do to get it back up please? Also, is cloudfar doing its magic now on both sites? Thanks!

Contact Cloudflare’s sales team. It may be possible to configure the domain in a CNAME setup or look at another path for support.

Technically there is absolutely no problem in delegating a subdomain to Cloudflare DNS. For some unexplainable reason Cloudflare just don’t want to allow adding subdomains.

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