Subdomain only works with http not https

In crypto it says, *
My domain and subdomain are on the same server and managed with cpanel

But when I go to my subdomain, it will only display it if I use http
If I use https it re-directs to my main domain

Prior to signing up with Cloudflare yesterday I owned a wildcard ssl cert that gave me ssl on my subdomain

How do I fix this?

Domain? and

Your host is not proxied through Cloudflare, so everything should be the same as it was before moving to Cloudflare. And your church host does actually load on HTTPS. Can you post a screenshot?

h ttp:// works
h ttps:// redirected to my main domain

Won’t let me put more than 2 working links on this post is not passing through Cloudflare, it’s your server that’s making the 301 redirect

ok. Thank you. I will try researching that further on my end and get back if I need. Appreciate the prompt response!

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