Subdomain only with business plan, how does it work?

So I am investigating a CDN solution, and Cloudflare is number 1 on my list. I understand that for only a subdomain you’ll need the business plan. Which is fine, since it’s for my business.

However, I am not sure how this all works. Let’s say I want Cloudflare to ‘cache’ all my data at, then I’ll need to add a CNAME to my DNS records pointing to cloudflare.
However, since no A/AAAA names should be present for, how does cloudflare know where to get the original content? Or is that something you configure outside the DNS system and somewhere in a Cloudflare control panel?

And, while I am asking questions :wink: , does Cloudflare business plan allow multiple domains? So and, and whatever use I find for different ventures? Or is it limited to one main domain per account?

In a “normal” setup you MUST make Cloudflare the authoritative DNS provider for your entire domain. and configure and manage all DNS records in Cloudflare. You could just use Cloudflare for DNS, and leave all your DNS records :grey:, and it would behave like a normal DNS service. For each hostname that you want to use Cloudflares Network services (such as CDN and Security) you change the hostname to be Proxied :orange:

In a CNAME setup you are allowed to use Cloudflare without changing your authoritative name servers.

You will still need to add DNS records on the Cloudflare dashboard with this information. Then, in your authoritative DNS you create CNAME records pointing at

Each domain needs its own plan, and you can have multiple domains on different plans within the same account. There are some features and configurations that are account level, but in general each domain/zone is separate, and if on a paid plan you will pay separately for each domain.

Ah thanks for the info.

So, is it possible with Cloudflare to only CDN a subdomain when doing full dns hosting by Cloudflare? Then I could start with Pro or even Free instead, right?

Yes. I would expect that starting with DNS only is a relatively common way for new customers to onboard their domains, and then start to enable CDN features starting just with one hostname. Depending on the nature of your business, the Free plan be a perfect fit for your needs forever, and it is very cost effective.

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