Subdomain only routing


I actually need to map one subdomain only to be served from cloudflare. I set up everything (as far as I understood) and traceroute to my subdomain shows me that it delivered from cloudflare. So actually it works as expected.
Now unfortunately in the dashboard cloudflare still says my DNS setting were pending. Thus I cannot set up ssl leading to all https requests being unreachable. This causes tremendous trouble. Anyone with an idea how to get this running?

Goal is: is delivered by cloudflare (http and https) comes from the original server as always…

Any help very much appreciated…




That’s a somewhat standard configuration. Pending DNS may take up to a day, rarely longer. Once DNS transfer is complete, :orange: will go through Cloudflare, and :grey: will go direct.


I actually did what I understood from the howtos. Now my domain is reachable through http but my ssl certificate is pending since 7! days. Contacted support several times but I only got a “we will check”…anything that could help me?