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I have problem with my subdomain. Maybe Im wrong with my thinking :))

I use cPanel and add new subdomain like and its giving me “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN” before adding cloudflare to my domain I was waiting about 15 minutes and I can access on that subdomain. Do I need to add something to cloudflare or it will update automatically and I need only be patient?


Hi @kontakt22,

You do need to add something to the DNS section of your Cloudflare dashboard.

Generally for something like this, you add an A record for kc pointing to the same IP as your other records there.

Thanks for answer! I just add this to my cloudflare and how long I need to wait ?:slight_smile: if I have plugin on cpanel with cloudflare it doesnt do it auto?:slight_smile:

Without knowing your domain, it’s difficult to assess the situation, but it’s behaving like a Cloudflare Partner where they handle DNS for your domain. In this case, you would have to check with them about why those DNS records aren’t showing up.

@sdayman its not a secret :slight_smile:

Ok, it looks like you’re using Cloudflare’s name servers.

It looks like you’ve added the right information to Cloudflare DNS, and that subdomain is resolving, but it looks like your WordPress is ready for final setup.

Your local DNS at home might not have the update yet and may take more time. Before then, you can try your mobile device network, or even clearing your browser’s data (or try a different browser).

So I need to wait :slight_smile: Thats okay for me :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for help!

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I just use vpn and its work in Switzerland :))

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