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Hello to all. I need help in understanding the procedure for obtaining subdomains for a domain registered on the DNS Server As it is done. Step by step, please. Second question. How to renew a domain name registration in this service. Also in steps. Thanks.

You can’t ‘obatin’ a subdomain.

You need an exisxisting one and add it to Cloudflare

Or what’s your question? :thinking:


How to add a Sub Domain step by step.

  • From within your Cloudflare account, click on the domain you wish to add a subdomain.
  • Along the top menu, select “DNS.”
  • Under DNS Records and towards the top, click “Add record.”
  • Select CNAME from the dropdown.
  • Enter “Subdomain” as the Name* (you would put your subdomain in here).
  • Enter then in the next field the target (where your subdomain points).

–> How to renew a domain name registration
If you have imported your domains (Transferred them is the actual name.)

-> Cloudflare Registrar link

Now in case that you bought this domain from another registrar for example let’s say Name Cheap, then you will have to renew your domain from their service. Not from CloudFlare.

Hope this answers your questions.

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