Subdomain offline again and again

My subdomain shows an error again and again.
I create a subdomain and but for the last 2 days its shows errors such as

Can anybody help me in this regard? Thanks in advance

website loading time also more then usual.

I am afraid that’s something you need to clarify with your host. Cloudflare is not involved here but your host takes rather long to respond.

Here a screenshot of requests going straight to your server.

Takes almost twenty seconds to fully load your site. With Cloudflare it is faster because most of the resources are already cached but if your server still takes long, it’s that what you’d need to work on.

What you could look into from a Cloudflare point of view is APO. That is currently optimised for Wordpress and might speed up your site.

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just now

That will be some JavaScript issue because your server is not properly responding.

As I mentioned before Cloudflare is not involved here. You best discuss this with the person responsible for your setup.

What is possible option for this. Because I have not much knowledge about that and Namecheap support take too much time end with zero result.

As I mentioned.

Cloudflare can’t help you here as this is not Cloudflare related. All you could is

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