Subdomain NS still operating despite replacing the NS records with a CNAME record

For historical reasons our Name Servers for one of our domains are hosted with Cloudflare which has now lapsed to a free account.

We saw that the “www” subdomain had been delegated to two different name servers at Cloudflare with two NS records. But this site does not show up in this account and we cannot find any record of any other Cloudflare account at the company.

We were able to remove the two NS records and have replaced them with one CNAME record. Furthermore for verification purposes of a new web-app we also added a sub subdomain to “www” e.g. with our app address. BUT none of these changes or updates work.

It seems like all queries for the www subdomain are still going to the previous Cloudflare different name servers in the now-removed NS records.

We added some test records to the root of the domain, and they updated across the globe almost instantly, so it’s not that we have the wrong DNS servers or anything. Just that the www subdomain is stuck.

Any advice gratefully received!

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

If you are able to share the domain, community members can examine your current situation. It is fine if you cannot, however, without that information, there is little anyone can offer in the way of specific advice.

Note that if you are using the Cloudflare proxy with a name that is more than one level beyond your apex name, it requires special consideration.

Thank you for the welcome. Right now I am not sure if I am allowed to share the domain details, but I will see if I get permission. While your link is interesting, I don’t believe it is relevant and nor that this is certificate related. Lookups do not return the new records on the www sub domain and return the old address for the www site (presumably from the NS records and this name server / sub site we cannot see ro find).

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If the DNS is in Cloudflare and the record is set to :orange: Proxied, it will return Cloudflare IPs. If you want to see the address change when you change it, insure the record is set to :grey: DNS Only.

Thank you again. I should have mentioned that! None of these records were proxied. And it is not a case of the wrong address being returned.

It is, I am pretty certain, related to the fact that the earlier NS records for the www subdomain are still active, and thus lookups to **www** are not reading the root domain name servers. It seems like the previous subdomain NS records values are cached in the Cloudflare network.

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