Subdomain NS records not propagating


I wanted to delegate a subdomain of one of my domains to HE’s DNS. I’ve previously done this with another subdomain but it appears that any new NS records I add won’t work.

I tried different names, different nameservers etc. Only the ones I created many months ago work. Tested it in three domains, two of those don’t have DNSSEC enabled either.

If I query the Cloudflare nameservers my domain is assigned to I will get the expected results, but anything else (,,, etc.) will return SERVFAIL.

I’ve created the records a week ago and still nothing changed.

Any ideas?

Is this working yet? Can you post which subdomain you’ve set a NS for?

No it’s not working. One domain I tried was Sending a NS query to gets the correct response, but any other DNS server responds with SERVFAIL.

There are five NS records for that subdomain pointing to servers. So any host belonging to that domain should be resolved appropriately.

Do you have a concrete example for a host under that domain that does not resolve?

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There are no hosts on that domain since I can’t even add it to HE’s DNS service. Trying that will result in an error saying “Zone failed validation test. ERROR: Delegation was not found. Please delegate to ns1, ns2, ns3, ns4 and then retry. ( /”.

Thats probably a question for HE. You want to configure it on HE, right? shows the domain is properly configured on Cloudflare’s end. The issue seems to be with HE and only they can address that.

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