Subdomain NS not Possible

Hi All,

I have my website hosted correctly on and I want to add a subdomain however I understand to set this up with another host it needs to be via NS which I did, however, the new host does not provide this.

Am I correct in saying a CNAME cannot be set up for setting up a new subdomain on a different host to the host.

Does this mean I can’t set up a new subdomain on a different to hast to primary domain name e.g ?


They aren’t able to accommodate a NS delegation?

Cloudflare DNS will do whatever you ask it to. It’s up to the other host to accommodate that configuration. You can try a CNAME, but again, the destination host needs to be properly configured to respond as that subdomain.

Why not just set up your domain over there, NOT make any name server changes, then add the subdomain there (ignoring the root domain)? Then it should be an “A” record IP address you can add here. Heck, it can even be a CNAME if that’s how they do things over there.

Thanks @sdayman yeh the training portal I’m trying to set my subdomain up say they don’t provide ns options.

I tried cname and this did not verify.

Try a :grey: DNS-Only CNAME.

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