Subdomain NS delegation and propagation

I have created a subdomain prime.domain.tld, and delegated it to a different name server than the one of the domain.tld. I used NS txt. So far, so good.

Now, after a week of waiting for propagation, I have mixed results :

  • One is fully propagated
  • Most a partially propagated (say, 1 external server out of 8 has the NS records)
  • Some are not propagated at all (none).

It looks like cloudflare is publishing the NS records correctly (after all, some external DNS pick them up), and it is propagating very little.

Any clue of what might be wrong/missing or how I can help this process?
You can try on, for an example.

Your NS record for that domain seems to be broken

nslookup -type=ns
Address:    nameserver =    nameserver =    nameserver =    nameserver =

I’d assume all these nameservers should point to Amazon and not your own domain.

Either you pasted something incorrectly or the UI auto-completed the entries. I’d remove the four NS records and set them up from scratch and pay particular attention when entering the hostnames.

Should that still not work then, then you can only open a support ticket as Cloudflare would seemingly complete your hostnames with your domain for some reason.

Though, Amazon does not seem to know about Are you sure that’s configured correctly?

They actually do resolve however. Did you set up these Amazon hostnames as records on your domain?

That can’t really be the correct setup. Remove these records and point your domain properly to Amazon, but make sure Amazon does know about it as well.

Good catch Sandro!

The whole target name was cut in the interface, so I never checked the extra ‘’ that was there. This was not in the initial uploaded document (bulk update) too.

Also, while using the bulk upload, the interface accepted the full name ( as subdomain name. It was displayed like that until I edited manually the record : at that point, it would be simplified automatically to prime (no more Right, and a bit confusing,

Thanks for the help, I know what to do now.

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