Subdomain not working

hi, this is my first post and this kind of dns stuff is edgy for me…

well i setup Cloudflare on my domain but it doesnt work with my subdomain, so i googled and found that i have to create a cname under Cloudflare and activate the orange cloud icon. So i did but nothing happen…

I dont want to play too much with it, i dont want to mess up everything, but i just want my subdomain to work :confused:
thank you

You could try turning the orange cloud off and see if that works.

I take it that your subdomain is hosted on a different server/service, so that’s why you’re using a CNAME. Did it used to work? What service is the CNAME pointed to?

i tried on-off the cloud… nothing…

i create a cname because my provider told me so… but probably in a way that they didnt want to help me with that… i suppose :thinking:
but at first, i just setup Cloudflare by following the step as they suggest and everything is working on my website, but it never worked for my subdomain, which is on the same host.

thank for the reply by the way !!!

If it’s on the same server, then I’d try the same IP address as your main domain. Servers usually know what to server based upon which (sub)domain your browser is trying to reach.

If you don’t mind sharing, what’s your domain, subdomain, and what is the CNAME pointing to?

thank you for your help, i figure it out with : How to create subdomain for a website that is activate on Cloudflare - YouTube

i was filling the cname attribute the wrong way… but now i follow the video and everything works !


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