Subdomain not working without www

i want to have a subdomain without www. part but my main website have www. how can i solve this issue?

You don’t have to place www on your subdomains (and using www for subdomains will break SSL). For any subdomain you want, never set the “name” to www.sub or sub.www, always set the “name” to just the subdomain you want (eg sub for


I did as you said and even added “A” name for subdomain to cf but when i test subdomain link i get error.

Could you either post the error you get, or share the full URL where you get this error?

main link subdomain

in cpanel i added en subdomain and it looks like this and i add A name to cf en and main domain ip.

Ok, your SSL certificate at your host doesn’t include the en subdomain (or doesn’t include a wildcard subdomain). If possible, ask your host to add the subdomain or the wildcard. For now, you can set the SSL setting in the SSL/TLS app to Full (NOT strict) to get both working until your host adds the subdomain.


i solved issue. first i closed Cloudflare ssl then renewed ssl certificates with autossl tool on my host. this fixed ssl problem for now. thank you for your support. case closed!

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