Subdomain not working with cloudflare and aws


I am using cloud flare for my domain. now i want to create a sub domain like But I could not understand how to achieve it. I am using amazon and have one ec2 instance for main domain and one separate instance for sub domain. Please guide me ho to achieve my goal. Thanks

You create an A record in your Cloudflare control panel and point it to the IP address in question.

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yes i have created but im getting this error.

Well, the entry seems to be working but your server is not responding.

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Is there anything i can do to cross check this thing that why server is not responding?

For starters, what is your SSL mode?

SSL level is Full. I have 2 servers one with main domain (working fine) other is with sub domain and different IP.

In that case check if your server responds on port 443.

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