Subdomain not working - redux

Since I signed up with Cloudflare, I cannot get my subdomains to work. This is something fairly easy, and it should be automated.

I have created a CNAME in my Cloudflare account, but it still does not work. I have read similar problems with Cloudflare. Can someone provide an example of how to setup a CNAME record, so subdomain accounts.

Whatever the CNAME points to must be configured to respond to that hostname. Some hosts need that record set to :grey:.

If you posted the subdomain that’s not working, we could offer more specific suggestions.

Hmmm. I’m not sure what I did. But it’s working now. Sdayman: thanks! I did click between the cloud icon and DNS only. The DNS only triggered an “exposed the origin IP” message. The original setting value was cloud / auto, which I reverted to.

For anyone in the future: after setting up Cloudflare to work with your domain and after creating your subdomain in your Cpanel, the following worked for me (after ten seemingly identical attempts).

NAME: “name of your subdomain”
CONTENT: “your website’s
Proxy Status: Proxied (the cloud icon)

It should propagate within seconds rather than minutes or hours.

Nope – not working again.

And now it’s working again. Sigh.

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