Subdomain not working on a specific ISP


Hi there,

My website is either slow or unresponsive on Airtel ISP and Airtel Networks (India). My other website www(dot)pmfias(dot)com hosted on the same server is working fine.

The domain is registered on Godaddy, and I am using Cloudflare for DNS routing and as CDN.

My question is, could the issue have anything to do with DNS?

Is the ISP (Airtel ISP and Airtel Networks) blocking my server IP? But how come www(dot)pmfias(dot)com is working but store(dot)pmfias(dot)com has the issue?

Please help.




Can you run the following commands via these ISPs and post the output here?


Considering, all three hosts resolve to the same address (and assuming they do so too on these ISPs, hence the pings) and only store appears to have an issue, it would be unlikely the IP addresses are blocked. There could be a slim chance the ISPs are are targeting and throttling the domain itself, but I’d call that rather unlikely.

How slow exactly is “slow” and which error do you get when it is unresponsive? Can you post screenshots?

Also, not sure if it is related but the store does not appear to render properly because some of your resources fail to load



Hello Sandro, thank you for your response.

After posting my issue here I have recreated shared SSL certificate on Cloudflare and this seems to have resolved the issue. Now the website is responding normally.

Thank you. Have a nice day!


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