Subdomain not working even after adding DNS record in Cloudflare


I contacted my hosting and confirmed that the new subdomain I created in cPanel would need an “A” record and be pointed to the same IP address as the main domain in Cloudflare. After adding the record yesterday I still cannot get to the subdomain. I’ve emptied browser cache, tried different computers, browsers, just to be sure it wasn’t that. The only thing I can think of is that I entered the NAME of the record incorrectly.
I just put “dev” without the quotes in the NAME section. The IP is correct and the cloud is orange.

Does that seem correct?


That seems correct. Have you made sure that the subdomain is correct in your browser? since it’s dev you should be able to go to Maybe a screenshot would help, or if you’re comfortable, post the domain.


Yea I’ve made sure that I’m typing the url correctly. I only have a zipped backup of my main domain and an importbuddy script to start the process of building a test site. So the url would be but I keep getting the COX page saying the website cannot be found. I’m scratching my head here and I know it’s something simple I’m missing!


Can you see if it even resolves to a CF IP address?


I think so it said:

299 IN A
299 IN A


That is a Cloudflare-owned IP, so your site’s DNS configuration is probably fine.

Chances are the DNS entry your ISP is injecting is cached either in your router or at your ISP. Can you try another browser, or accessing via a mobile network?

I’d recommend using or another better resolver that doesn’t inject its own DNS answers. Changing to a different public resolver will also probably instantly fix the issue you’re having with the subdomain.

If all this fails, it should work in a few hours once your ISP’s DNS cache invalidates itself and starts pulling the correct IP address.


Got it to work on mobile network after clearing browser cache on phone. So your saying that refreshing the router may do the trick? Thanks for your help on this, I’ll have to look into how to change to a different resolver as I’ve never done that before.

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