Subdomain not working after workers plan purchase

I am experiencing a problem with the subdomain which is served through Cloudflare pages. The site returns a “ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR” error on web browsers, while works on mobile browsers.
In the “Custom domains” section of pages, instead of the classic green dot and “active” message, an “Inactive (Error)” is displayed.
Cloudflare is also the DNS provider. The exact same pages setup on, instead, works fine.
It looks there is an issue with updating the certificate for the subdomain, and in the forum I have read that partial invoice payment failures may result in inability to update certificates. This has happened after upgrading for a paid Workers plan and implementing an api gateway worker and using it for resolving queries, which should be unrelated to the subdomain

after upgrading to a “Advanced certificate” and activating total TLS the only subdomain that displays an error is still and the error is “The authority has rate limited these domains. Please wait for the rate limit to expire (04 Jun 24 18:06 UTC) or try another authority”.

I then deactivated total TLS, activated it again but using Google Trust Services instead of Let’s Encrypt and got a valid certificate for all subdomains, including
However, even after reconfiguring the custom domain on cloudflare pages for app.rigoblockcom, the error is still “Inactive (Error)”

after a few days the issue was solved.

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