Subdomain not secure

Hello everyone!
Having this problem:
Added a free cloudflare service, for the domain
At the web server, created 2 subdomains: “api” and “dev”.
In the DNS management panel, added two A records, pointing each subdomain to the webserver IP.

The SSL certificate works on both main domain and in the dev subdomain.
The “api” subdomain says it’s unsecured.

After that, added a third subdomain “api2” and it works fine.
What am I missing here? All subdomains are configured exactly the same way, showing just a basic HTML page without redirects.

Search all the community and knowledge base but found no solution for this.
Does anyone have a clue?
Thank you for your time!

I suggest you toggle the ‘dev’ subdomain to :grey: DNS Only then wait five minutes to take effect. Then make sure it loads securely while in DNS Only mode.

Thank you for your suggestion sdayman!
Sadly, it did not solved the problem. Even in just DNS mode, it continues to show a “not secure” because of an invalid certificate. I think it is trying to certificate both and (which cloudflare does not allow in a free plan).

Then this isn’t a Cloudflare issue. Please work with your host to secure your subdomain.

As for the ‘www’ subdomain of ‘api’, it’s best to avoid that, as it’s unnecessary and doesn’t make sense for an API endpoint.

Thank you!
I’ll ask them for help. Will post it here if it is something that can help others in a similar situation.
As for the www. I haven’t added it there… don’t even know how it got there :slight_smile:

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