Subdomain not load

I add cloudflare to my domain and it s ok.
Then I add record to my subdomain like write in help center:

|Type|Name|IPv4 address|Proxy status|

And my subdomain can t open.
What I need to do?

  1. You have an insecure encryption mode on Cloudflare and should change that to Full Strict
  2. You need to fix your server certificate, as you currently have no valid certificate
  3. You cannot use those 192 addresses but need to specify the actual address, unless you wanted to redirect in which case you need to configure that

First fix your server security.

1 Like is a reserved IP (for documentation) and not publicly routable. So the public Cloudflare Proxy cannot connect to this IP address.

If you want to access an internal resource with private IP over the Internet, you should create a Cloudflare tunnel instead.

Ok, thanks!

Yes, you have fixed the certificate and address issue. Just verify that your encryption mode is Full Strict, otherwise you’d still have no encryption.

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