Subdomain not acessible

Hi there. From some reason the subdomaisn of my domain stopped working. it show a error message saying “DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN”. I already tried adding A and CNAMES records on DNS but without sucess

My domain is and my subdomain is

Several issues

  • You have two “revenda” records. Remove #1 as it points to Cloudflare, which itself is an invalid setup.
  • You dont have a record for “www.revenda”. You’d need to set that up too, if you want it accessible under that host.
  • If you want that to be accessible under HTTPS well you will need a $10/month dedicated certificate from Cloudflare -> Subdomain too deep

But can i bypass the subdomain from cloudflare? If yes how?

Bypass? The proxy? Yes, simply unproxy it and switch the record to :grey:.

But what is the best configuration for my subdomain. An A or a CNAME?

Doesnt really matter as long as it points to your server in an unproxied fashion.

Like so

Have you tried it? Guess it looks okayish.

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