Subdomain not accessable ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR


I have created a subdomain which I have integrated to my DNS with the :grey: cloud to avoid the 100 seconds CloudFlare timeout.

On top, I’ve removed my www subdomain as only one subdomain is supported by the Universal SSL.

However, my subdomain is not accessable and just says ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR with https and just http

Since the record is set to :grey: this is not a Cloudflare issue unless you’re not redirecting to a :orange: DNS record. If this is the case, the following should help you to solve your problem:

Ok thanks for the quick reply :+1: However, do you think that I can change only the DNS of my subdomain at my registrar?

If your domain is using Cloudflare for DNS, according to WHOIS, you can delegate away DNS for your subdomain by creating NS records for that subdomain in your Cloudflare DNS page.

But what does this get you? This is only typically done when the subdomain is hosted by a service that needs DNS control.

I am currently seeing that my subdomain works, but only with http and not https (which is not a big issue as this subdomain is not meant for the public, it’s just for a cron job that updates an internal database which takes longer than the CF 100 seconds timeout)

Anyway, I assume that creating NS records on the CF page still wouldn’t let me contact my page in Https?

DNS isn’t going to help with this. That server needs a TLS/SSL certificate.

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