Subdomain name

hi there, im pretty much new to this Cloudflare tool, could someone help me. Im trying to create a subdomain name for my site (shop). the main website works fine antigraffitipaint here are my settings:

A - - - Proxied (cloud icon "orange") - Auto 
A - FTP  - - DNS only (cloud icon "grey") - Auto 
A - shop  - - Proxied (cloud icon "orange") - Auto 
A - www - - Proxied (cloud icon "orange") - Auto 

When I load up filezila I have created a folder named “shop” and have just loaded a basic index.html file into this folder. However I cannot see this basic HTML page (just named index.html).

Have I missed something in the setup or can anyone help out? thanks

You should create a virtualhost for that particular subdomain, instead just of creating a directory “shop” via FTP :thinking:

Furthermore, adding A shop DNS record under the DNS tab of Cloudflare dashboard for your zone and pointing it to the correct IP address of the origin host/server should do the trick (despite you might not have the SSL certificate at first moment).

May I ask if you’re using cPanel interface to manage your Website maybe?

I’m not sure how to create this virtual host. For this A record Shop that has already been setup. I believe it is pointing to the correct IP address. We are with easyspace so using their interface and not got a c Panel account. But since I have moved the named servers to this Cloudflare account, the options are located here.

At present I do get the typical support service web page so I assume the subdomain name is working, just wondered if I can use the FTP to load a webpage onto subdomain. As mentioned, I have created a created a folder named shop seen on the same level as the www folder & have just loaded a basic index - but not seeing this basic page

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