Subdomain MX records

after 3 days of back and forth with my domain registrar
where i have my domain
they finally tell me that i cant add MX records to my subdomain
where the subdomain had been created previously by pointing an A record at my webhost IP address:
Type: A
Host/Name: t1
TTL: Automatic/Default
all with the idea of creating a simple [email protected]
but the registrar ended up saying the DNS of the root and subdomain are shared so distinct MX records NOT POSSIBLE!

Question: Can the Clouflare (free) service help us achieve this kind of operation?

You most certainly can add MX records for subdomains. In fact, you must be able to in some situations such as yours. The MX record must match whatever is after the @ in an email address.

But, yes, there are some DNS hosts out there who can’t accommodate this. Cloudflare doesn’t have this problem.

Just make sure you have a mail server that’s properly set up for all that. That .79 host does not respond as a mail server.

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