Subdomain mx record not show

Hi . I added mx for my domain its work fine but when i do the same for subdomain its shown nothing i am following the community and this is what all everybody says but its not working for me . What is wrong what i am doing ? Thanks

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What happens when you click Save?

Thanks , its saving normal like main domain

But when i try to find it with simplelogin or whatsmydns its blabk.

Can you by any chance share your actual domain name?

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Main domain is it is the fine with no problem .
issue in .

You need to set your assigned Cloudflare nameservers at your registrar if you expect to see any records from your Cloudflare account.

dig ns +short

   Name Server: KEVIN.QUICNS.ORG
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Oh yes thats my mistake thanks for reply i changed ns it should solve . Good day

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