Subdomain mapping not reflecting in Url

We need to map one of our sites to, this is not reflecting in the url. However with the same DNS records, we were able to map the same site to which mapped immediately.


If I understood it right, you want to achieve to

Or (everything maybe from sub?) to

To provide more information, we need to map the application hosted in Azure to a subdomain as The error shown is ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS.

But when mapping the same site to, it is mapped instantly. Any idea on resolving too many redirects or why it can be occurring?

Possible due to SSL settings for the main domain (Full SSL, Flexible SSL …) and also if mapping to Azure, is that hostname :orange: or :grey: cloud at Cloudflare dashboard?

Do both domain/sub-domain(s) have a valid SSL certificate?

Do you use A or CNAME record?

The main domain uses Flexible SSL. The mapping to Azure site is :orange: at the dashboard.

The main domain has valid SSL certificate and we used CNAME record for the subdomain mapping.

Would be nice and recommended to use Full SSL (Strict). @sandro

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But would this solve the issue with “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS”?

I’ve posted the suggestion article for that error if you have it in my second reply. You can troubleshoot and fix it if it still persists with that.

Does the redirection issue appear when you Pause Cloudflare or temporarly switch the DNS records from :orange: to :grey: cloud for your domain?

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