Subdomain links gets automatically changed to //www

I get a strange problem in Clouflare which is that my subdomain links given on my site changes to //www automatically.

I have a WordPress blog hosted on Cloudflare and it also has https but subdomain does not has https.

I find links to my subdomain gets automatically change to //www. So this means now when somebody clicks those links to my subdomain then they reach https version. (My subdomain is not https, it is http, and there comes the problem).

Example which I want to show you:

In my website page, there are demo and download (blue buttons) on the bottom. The demo button takes user to the subdomain. What Cloudflare is doing is that it is automatically changing the url to //www…. I came to know about this when I edited my post.

I don’t know why it is happening. Please help me in rectifying my problem.

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