Subdomain links error- Can't provide secure connection

I use Go High level as an agency owner and my subdomain that’s used to connect the forms and widgets isn’t coming up for some people. It keeps saying the site isn’t secure or can’t provide a secure connection. How can I fix this?

Is the subdomain proxied? And are you using Cloudflare’s Universal SSL?

And is your agency partner (Go High Level) providing SSL termination for your subdomain, or are you relying solely on Clouflare’s edge certificate (Universal SSL, if enabled)?

Can you share the subdomain in question so we can take a look?

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It’s no longer proxied and I don’t know the answers to the other questions. put together. It won’t allow me to post a link.

If the subdomain is not proxied, then Cloudflare is merely resolving the domain to your provider and is not involved in the handling of SSL (secure connection) for your website at all.

You’ll need to ask your partner, GHL.

That said, their custom domain setup instructions say: “… our system generates SSL automatically once you’ve added the Domain/Subdomain successfully.”

I don’t see any error on or any of the links on your homepage that use this subdomain.

In any case, as you say the subdomain is not proxied, Cloudflare has no effect on the “security” of this subdomain. So please get in touch with your platform provider – Go High Level – to resolve this “can’t provide secure connection” issue.

Good luck!

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