Subdomain issue with A record

I have setup a subdomain in the DNS record, when I do a it shows an IP address of which is through an A record. However I only have a CNAME record for the subdomain.

Anyone know why this is?

Hi @dave36,

This is probably due to CNAME Flattening.

I am seeing a warning about that, but I need a root CNAME record so both the www and the domain name go to the site

How would I do that if I remove the root CNAME record?

You can’t have a CNAME on the root domain, is something not working? Cloudflare should follow the CNAME to get the IP it returns to get around the issue. The 104. IP is a Cloudflare IP that you will see.

If www works, you can set up a redirect from root to www

Thanks, I’ve removed the record that was warning about flattening but I’m still seeing the incorrect I{P address

I’ll look at the article you posted though so that should resolve that issue

How long will it take for the changes to the DNS record to propagate? I’ve read 5 minutes but this has been longer and the subdomain ipaddress is still showing a CF one

The IP address will always show as a Cloudflare IP if it is proxied (:orange:), you can follow that tutorial immediately and it shouldn’t take long to take effect.

Thanks, that’s sorted my issue out!

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