Subdomain Issue Not Working

Why is my site showing “5.38 138 Days 23:34:58” after adding Cname or A record.

Because that’s what your server is configured to do? What’s the domain?

On the server side, Wordpress was installed. The site does not show except the timer: 4.45 139 Days 00:54:16


I see that URL redirects to HTTPS. Was that site working with HTTPS before you added it to Cloudflare?

By default when you add a new subdomain it does not use HTTPS. The HTTPS is from Cloudflare. I am creating a new subdomain on another domain not using Cloudflare and see if the issue is from Cloudflare.

For now, I suggest that you :grey: DNS-Only that DNS entry and then get that subdomain configured to work with HTTPS. Then your traffic should pass through your Full (Strict) SSL proxy here.

Upon my test, using another domain not going through Cloudflare to the same server, subdomain is working fine. So the issue is from Cloudflare. I will try your suggestion to see if it helps.

Your ‘blog’ subdomain does not have a valid SSL/TLS certificate.

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Why is that? its a subdomain under the main domain which has HTTPS from cloudflare. Even if https is not working that is fine, but the entire website has been replaced by a timer. I don’t get it. The other test I did without HTTPS using another domain to the server is working fine.

That’s a question for your host.

What I do know is that your site works with HTTP, but not HTTPS. If your host can fix your HTTPS problem, you’ll be all set.

Interesting. I am not even seeing what you are seeing. Please what about the timer? Why is it there? I don’t think its from the host because the other test did not show any timer

The timer is there from your host because HTTPS for your subdomain is broken.

Ok. so what I need to do is buy ssl for the subdomain? before it will show my site? Does cloudflare HTTPS cover subdomains? So confusing. Thanks sdayman for the support.

Why I am confused is that, I have done the same thing I did here on Cloudflare on another domain from Godaddy to the server and its working fine, at least the site is showing. With or without HTTPS

Finally, the site magically worked. I did not do anything. So was it a propagation issue?

It’s quite possible that your host can not generate certificates when the site is proxied behind Cloudflare, so unproxying it let the process complete.

With that in mind, the cert may expire in three months and then not be able to generate again. If your host (cPanel?) lets you, you can generate your own long-life Origin certificate from Cloudflare and install it on your server.

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